what we do


The Collective creates extraordinary events, designed to inspire a heightened sense of connection, creative triumph, and communities that thrive.

The Collective is an all-inclusive four day, tech-free, retreat-style conference like no other in Europe. Designed to help members launch their company into outer space, we engage and empower creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators in an environment of collaboration, where knowledge is shared and inspiration is abundant.

The Collective believes in community over competition, and aims to help you navigate your professional journey through a series of seminars, hands-on creative workshops, and a panel discussion from experts in their field. During the four days, you will gain insight and inspiration from experienced creatives, startup founders, innovators and entrepreneurs that know what it is like to struggle and succeed, who have encountered obstacles and overcome them. You'll learn about innovative skills and tools to bring you on top of your professional game, and take your company to the next level.

Attend the conference if you'd like to:

  • Grow your businesses successfully
  • Launch a new product or idea
  • Learn new skills or best practices to improve your business/project
  • Connect with a new international community
  • Connect/bond with your current team in a unique environment
  • Recharge. Reconnect. RELAX.

We also strongly believe in social enterprise. The Collective donates 5% of every ticket sold to a charity, and the members get to choose which charity they'd like their donation to go to.