Meet our speakers. The talented, inspiring, been-there-done-that people who are joining us to share their stories, tips and tricks, wisdom, and even their failures that allowed them to succeed. 



Creative Workshop: Candle Making

IG: earlofeastlondon

These East London based entrepreneurs bring an already-successful and expanding lifestyle brand with a focus on interior fragrance to The Collective. The Earl of East London founders, Paul and Niko, first explored their creativity through a range of hand-poured scented soy wax candles in summer 2015, each inspired by their travels and memories. Not content with working in isolation, Paul and Niko love to collaborate with others - a perfect fit for The Collective's ethos! Their mission is  defined in 4 key elements: Curate, Create, Collaborate and Community. Earl of East London will be hosting a hands-on candle making workshop at the event. 

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Elizabeth Dehn

Professional Seminar: Skyrocket or Plummet? How to Grow Your Business via Pinterest, Through Compelling Content and Simple Tricks

IG: @BeautyBets

Born and raised in Minneapolis by surprisingly low-maintenance parents, Elizabeth Dehn (aka Bets) spent her awkward years whipping up DIY face masks before founding BeautyBets.com in 2009 as a way to share beauty advice with discerning readers everywhere. Since then, Beauty Bets has evolved into an inspirational space where Elizabeth’s penchant for finding the perfect red lipstick is surpassed only by her commitment to helping others achieve self-love and acceptance. A lifestyle editor by trade and a storyteller at heart, Elizabeth has spent more than a decade creating compelling content for Target, Nordstrom and popular print and digital publications. Her gift for curation has garnered her 5.4 million followers on Pinterest and collaborations with One Love Organics and other coveted brands. A hippie disguised in J.Crew, Elizabeth’s latest heart project is HEALERS, a podcast about the people who help us heal ourselves. 

Teressa Foglia

Professional Seminar: The Secrets (and Tools) to Making the Connection to Your Customers via Social Media

IG: @teressafoglia

Teressa is a prominent digital consultant who specializes in online strategy, content management, social media, online advertising, art directing and storytelling. Teressa is an avid fan of fashion, photography and music. Her career has taken her down many different avenues, including fashion styling, art directing and producing. She has worked with CFDA designer’s Carolina Herrera, Rebecca Minkoff, Shane Baum, streetwear legends Stussy + XLarge®, Lululemon, House Industries, Refinery 29, Airbnb, Wanderlust, Barton Perriera, MOSCOT, Paul Frank, The Getty, ModShop, Leisure Society and Laguna Art Museum, Blisss Magazine, John Wayne Enterprises and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation to name a few. She recently found her passion in making hats and has been designing and making them by hand in studios around the world.

Kendall Beveridge

Professional Seminar: How to Build a Kickass Team at Work Through Creativity, Collaboration and wait for it....Emotional Vulnerability (eek!)

IG: @kendallbev

is Facebook's Product Marketing Communications Lead for Messenger on the Global Business Marketing team. In 2014, Kendall joined Facebook to lead B2B marketing for the Gaming advertiser audience, partnering with sales teams around the world to improve advertiser success. Prior to joining Facebook, Kendall worked at Venables, Bell & Partners on brands like Audi, Intel, and ConocoPhillips. Before moving to the West Coast, she started her advertising career at The Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia. Kendall holds a master’s degree in Advertising from the VCU Brandcenter and undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Fine Arts from the University of Maryland. A Maryland native, Kendall grew up playing sports and continues to compete with The Olympic Club’s field hockey team in San Francisco.

Kevin Hainline

Evening Activity: Star Gazing Hike + A Look At The Universe

IG: @kevinhainline

When he was young, Kevin Hainline had to choose between dedicating his life to studying dinosaurs or black holes. He chose black holes (although dinosaurs are still very near to his heart) and eventually received his PhD in astronomy from UCLA in 2012. He has observed using the largest telescopes in the world, taught at an Ivy League College, ran a planetarium, lead late night hikes to see the stars, and stood on tables to try to convince people of their place in the universe. Kevin will be taking attendees on a journey at The Collective. A star gazing, night hike which will leave attendees feeling inspired, humbled, connected to each other and in overwhelming awe.He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona and is helping to plan the early science for the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope, which will peer back to observe the earliest, farthest galaxies humans have ever seen. He is very enthusiastic.

Kathryn Davey

Creative Workshop: The Ancient Art of Shibori

IG: @kathryn_davey

Kathryn is a self taught designer and natural dyer living in Dublin, Ireland. She started working with textiles and natural dyes whist living in Northern California. Her journey into the amazing world of sustainable plant dyes began with Indigo dyeing & led her to teach Indigo & Shibori workshops in San Francisco. Kathryn has taken what she continues to learn from the plant world and has created a line of luxurious, naturally dyed Irish linen textiles for the home.  It is her intention to produce consciously sourced, sustainably dyed Irish Linen textiles with minimum environmental impact. Kathryn loves sharing the magic of plant dyes with others and teaches ongoing workshops in Dublin, France & London.




Professional Seminar: How To Create Communities That Thrive and Increase Profits

Gene's passion and inherent skill lies in coaching and creating experiences for others. He brings out the best in his clients by creating communities that help raise people up to their highest potential. Gene has a vast educational background: first, in hotel operations and management, where he started a B&B/restaurant that he ran for eight years in the city of Ghent; then in Psychoanalysis, which brought him to Amsterdam and London to begin his career in Technology. Gene completed his PgD in Consulting at Tavistock Clinic in London. Armed with this knowledge, Gene was asked to move to California to create the Sales Enablement/Global Recruitment for a Silicon Valley tech startup. Now, Gene works as a program coordinator for one of Holland’s most renowned Universities and is the founder of his nonprofit: The Tree Climbing Fish.

dina giordano

IG: @visionsrealized

Growing up in a creative business and taking pilgrimages into Manhattan helped to form Dina Giordano, as a Creative Consultant and Design Manager. The world of art and design provided a home for learning, questioning, resolving and connecting. She knew this would be the arena where she would pursue her career. First, pursuing an early degree in Fashion Marketing, then turning her focus to Architecture. In the discipline of Architecture she found a process of thinking and exploration that nurtured her curiosity about how things function and are interconnected. From here Dina put together her years of working in the creative industries and leading projects and businesses to develop a Consulting and Design Management company. As a creative business consultant and project manager, Dina has developed a process that utilizing her Architecture education and practice. “Architectural Thinking” has allowed Dina to draw out the most relevant, consistent, diverse projects and companies. This is the framework she has used while developing projects for; Coachella, PS1. MOMA, Macy’s, Frieze Art Fair, Fashion week, Aspen Film Festival as well as developing business for entrepreneurs, designers, and artists. Pursuing a vision for the creative economy to continue to impact the society positively. Dina is developing initiatives that work with cities through innovation, discussion, leadership and creation.

Sarah Doyle

Professional Seminar: Growing Your Business Through Positive Change and Self Confidence

IG: @sarah_thebetterlifeproject

Sarah Doyle is the Co-Founder of The Better Life Project, a movement dedicated to helping people live happy, healthy, positive and confident lives and with oodles of infectious energy! She is the “go to” life coach for anyone feeling stuck in professional rut, lacking confidence, or struggling with low self-esteem in business and in life. Sarah passionately works to help inspire others to feel, live, and be better. Attendees of The Collective will come away with increased self confidence, improved self worth, along with ways to translate this positive change into the way you run and expand your business. Sarah will be taking us through a practical and interactive workshop with take away tasks so attendees can put the steps into action post-conference.

Chupi Sweetman-Durney

Professional Seminar: Creating and Growing Your Brand Through Storytelling

IG: @chupi

Chupi Sweetman-Durney makes sparkly things. She owns and runs a fine jewelry brand called Chupi, positioned in the affordable luxury market and based in Ireland. With a background in fast fashion, Chupi was scouted by Topshop and named the youngest designer to ever to work with the brand, launching her from scruffy student to serious designer overnight. After six years in fast fashion, Chupi yearned to create something with magic, to celebrate Ireland’s design heritage, and her love for wild and natural beauty. Thus began her entrepreneurial venture into the wonderful world of start up. Now, with over 58k followers on Instagram, Chupi sells all over the world from London to Tokyo, whilst mentoring other entrepreneurs and coaching others on how to harness their brand's unique attributes to tell a story that not only sell product, but creates an emotional connection to the brand. For herself and others, Chupi don't just make jewelry - she tells the story of why. 

gillian Henderson

Creative Workshop: Screenprinting

IG: @ohmydays.ie

Gilllian Henderson is the creative genius behind Oh My Days – a screen printing service for illustrators, artists, designers and brands who want to push boundaries and create something truly beautiful and memorable. A past of studying product and furniture design and then working at a picture framer, Hang Tough, led Gillian to fall in love with print.  She is a previous member of Print Block and collaborations include Irish Fashion Designer Emma Manley, Hensteeth, New York based photographer Rich Gilligan as well as live printing at the music festival Electric Picnic for Three mobile.


liz costigan

Daily Activity: Morning Yoga + Meditation

IG: @positive.fitness.project

Liz is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer and wellness advocate living in Dublin, Ireland.  She is founder of Positive Fitness Project, a place for everyone to learn how to feel better and get healthy by listening to their body, exercising their body and mind regularly and enjoying clean, tasty food. Liz believes in embracing our imperfections, loving ourselves for who we are and by doing this living our best most authentic lives.

Jessica Leijgraaff

Professional Seminar: Connecting with Your Customers Through Public Speaking with Charisma and Confidence

Jessica Leijgraaff is driven by her profound wish to empower and inspire others, along with her passion for personal growth. With her sparkling personality, and her authentic, enthusiastic, and out of the box professional style, Jessica translates complicated matters into practical, easy to apply solutions. She is sharp in her analytics and approach, and identifies real issues on the spot, further proven by her successful life & business coach business - eight years running. Jessica is an expert on communication, presentation skills, and charisma who currently works as a Lecturer on Personal and Professional Development at Nyenrode New Business School in Holland. She is one of the Dutch National Champions in Public Speaking through Toastmasters International. Jessica will be sharing this skill at The Collective so attendees can better learn how to publicly speak about their brand/product with electric charisma and money-making skill.