jessica leijgraaff

Connecting with Your Customers Through Public Speaking with Charisma and Confidence

Jessica Leijgraaff is driven by her profound wish to empower and inspire others, along with her passion for personal growth. With her sparkling personality, and her authentic, enthusiastic, and out of the box professional style, Jessica translates complicated matters into practical, easy to apply solutions. She is sharp in her analytics and approach, and identifies real issues on the spot, further proven by her successful life & business coach business - eight years running. Jessica is an expert on communication, presentation skills, and charisma who currently works as a Lecturer on Personal and Professional Development at Nyenrode New Business School in Holland. She is one of the Dutch National Champions in Public Speaking through Toastmasters International. Jessica will be sharing this skill at The Collective so attendees can better learn how to publicly speak about their brand/product with electric charisma and money-making skill.