Gladys Nyoth

Executive Chef, Owner of Mbombo

Born in Paris from Cameroonian parents, Gladys Nyoth decided to come to Los Angeles at the age of 15 to continue her education in Physics and start her acting career to pave a new way for herself and her family. In the midst of her journey, many obstacles and challenges led her to redesign her vision. Nyoth wanted to ensure that her life choices would make a difference within the African diaspora. In 2013, Gladys chose to practice ownership of her life by investing in a restaurant concept that would bring her back to her primary purpose: being an advocate for Africa while promoting love and unity in this world. By the summer of 2013: Mbombo was born. 

Mbombo has defied the traditional concept of a restaurant....With an unconventional flare, the restaurant is a culinary movement that brings African cuisines and spiritual transformation together, one dinner at a time. These experiential dinners are filled with traditions and rituals such as communal hand-washing and bring each guest on an excursion to the motherland with surprise performances and surprise sceneries. Chef Nyoth will bring Mbombo to an international level by joining The Collective Europe as the Executive Chef, with the hopes of continuing to become a nomadic restaurant dedicated to bring the world back together.