Accenture | The Tree Climbing Fish
How To Create Communities That Thrive and Increase Profits

Gene's passion and inherent skill lies in coaching and creating experiences for others. He brings out the best in his clients by creating communities that help raise people up to their highest potential. Gene has a vast educational background: first, in hotel operations and management, where he started a B&B/restaurant that he ran for eight years in the city of Ghent; then in Psychoanalysis, which brought him to Amsterdam and London to begin his career in Technology. Gene completed his PgD in Consulting at Tavistock Clinic in London. Armed with this knowledge, Gene was asked to move to California to create the Sales Enablement/Global Recruitment for a Silicon Valley tech startup. Now, Gene works as a program coordinator for one of Holland’s most renowned Universities and is the founder of his nonprofit: The Tree Climbing Fish.