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Since breaking the piggy bank to buy his first camera at age 13, Eduardo has not stopped pursuing his dreams and creating images that inspire others to leave their comfort zone. He produced his first TV spots when he was only 21 years old. Recently, Eduardo worked for different politicians in California, including the Governor and mayors of San Francisco and Oakland. He has collaborated with a major New York documentary series and created content for many international brands. Eduardo is always looking for a new adventure and is obsessed with telling the personal stories of those that we do not see on television. His work is not always commercial - Eduardo has documented the lives of young farmers in southern Oregon, he’s lived with Syrian refugees in Germany and reported on Spanish teachers abroad. Always versatile and with a smile, you will find Eduardo creating an original story,  however crazy or ambitious the idea may be. With a backpack always ready, Eduardo will be ready and enthusiastic with the idea of tarting a new project at any time.