Architectural Thinking
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Growing up in a creative business and taking pilgrimages into Manhattan helped to form Dina Giordano, as a Creative Consultant and Design Manager. The world of art and design provided a home for learning, questioning, resolving and connecting. She knew this would be the arena where she would pursue her career. First, pursuing an early degree in Fashion Marketing, then turning her focus to Architecture. In the discipline of Architecture she found a process of thinking and exploration that nurtured her curiosity about how things function and are interconnected. From here Dina put together her years of working in the creative industries and leading projects and businesses to develop a Consulting and Design Management company. As a creative business consultant and project manager, Dina has developed a process that utilizing her Architecture education and practice. “Architectural Thinking” has allowed Dina to draw out the most relevant, consistent, diverse projects and companies. This is the framework she has used while developing projects for; Coachella, PS1. MOMA, Macy’s, Frieze Art Fair, Fashion week, Aspen Film Festival as well as developing business for entrepreneurs, designers, and artists. Pursuing a vision for the creative economy to continue to impact the society positively. Dina is developing initiatives that work with cities through innovation, discussion, leadership and creation.