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NIKE - EMEA Legal Counsel
Protecting Your Brand and IP: Legal for Small Business

In 2015, Diana became senior in-house counsel for EMEA of Nike, the worlds # 1 athleisure and sports brand. During our four day event, Diana will share and pass on her legal learnings for small businesses which she has gathered during her international legal carrier of 15 years. Diana is a seasoned and energetic bridge between legal, business & board. She has dealt with many complex, significant matters that cut across legal and related areas in different jurisdictions.  She is described as solution-oriented, client focused, user-friendly and a go-getter. Before becoming an in-house counsel, Diana worked as a litigator for 10 years with two international law firms. During her time in litigation, Diana saw first hand the mistakes businesses made when not protected legally, including the the easy mistakes to make when starting up or running a business. She will be sharing some of these lessons and teaching attendees how to avoid these mistakes and protect their business.

In addition to her love of law, Diana is passionate about connecting people with the goal of creating a better-balanced and more equal world. She is a teacher and mentor in a Dutch program for children between 10 and 14 from disadvantaged neighborhoods, and loves giving back to her community.