Creating and Growing Your Brand Through Storytelling

Chupi Sweetman-Durney makes sparkly things. She owns and runs a fine jewelry brand called Chupi, positioned in the affordable luxury market and based in Ireland. With a background in fast fashion, Chupi was scouted by Topshop and named the youngest designer to ever to work with the brand, launching her from scruffy student to serious designer overnight. After six years in fast fashion, Chupi yearned to create something with magic, to celebrate Ireland’s design heritage, and her love for wild and natural beauty. Thus began her entrepreneurial venture into the wonderful world of start up. Now, with over 58k followers on Instagram, Chupi sells all over the world from London to Tokyo, whilst mentoring other entrepreneurs and coaching others on how to harness their brand's unique attributes to tell a story that not only sell product, but creates an emotional connection to the brand. For herself and others, Chupi don't just make jewelry - she tells the story of why.