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While traveling, Chechu only needed a few months as a lawyer to realize that it was not his thing. Camera in hand, he continued to travel and worked as a freelancer for Nomad Goods in California.

Soon after, he founded and documented The Water Van Project, along with three of his great friends. With this founding group, he toured Latin America in a caravan during 2016, providing water purifying filters in disadvantaged communities, and surfing the Pacific coast. He is in the process of creating a documentary and photographic book about the project, which will be released soon! Chechu loves documenting travel and has already produced Baik Hati, a documentary about life in Indonesia. Currently, Chechu is the official photographer for TEDx Gracia and contributing writer for media outlets like Surfer Rule oSalt Water. Chechu believes that the little moments are what make life great. He is making a life and career of collecting those moments and living a passionate life through his work.