Flor de Pampi has a Bachelor in Art Direction from Escuela de Creativos and in Graphic Design from Universidad de Buenos Aires. She’s been a freelance illustrator at live events for Corona, Vans, RedBull, DG Surfboards, Roxy, Nike and Customs California. Her designs have been featured in capsule collections and board designs for MARTHA Headwear, Maluco, Thrive, Bextreme, Chilly, Pole Pole and Fit&Fly. She recently moved to Barcelona to complete her masters in Illustration Applied to Graphic Design from IDEP Barcelona. Travelling, either to the mountains or the sea, is her main source of inspiration, seeking to find places that leave her breathless and feed her imagery with shapes, textures, colors and lines. Being in contact with nature is what drives her to create, either at her studio or from the top of a mountain. Her goal is to transmit this feeling to the viewer through the use of symmetry and natural elements to achieve a harmonious composition.