Agustina Mistretta

Creative Director, ETHER Arts Project
@etherartsproject |

Growing up in Patagonia, Argentina helped develop Agustina's curiosity for nature and it's creative processes, which was further shaped by her studies in Photography and Visual Arts. Driven by a desire to connect people and arts, she furthered her studies in Curatorship and Cultural Management in Buenos Aires. Collaborating with galleries and exhibition spaces in projects for Argentina, Brazil, United States and Spain provided an international network for cultural projects. She developed the funding and sponsorship programme for URRA Art Residencies in Buenos Aires. She is currently the Creative Director for ETHER Arts Project, a nomadic initiative that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces. She bring her expertise in curating spaces and bringing together artists from all over the world to The Collective Europe through visual surprises that are thoughtfully scattered throughout the conference, leaving attendees delighted and inspired.