Our Collective Life


What we believe

We believe that we are better working together than separately. We are all about collaboration and community, always ruling over competition!

The aim of Our Collective Life is to be there for you and your journey through your professional life. Whether you are developing a hobby, passion or business, we believe that having a strong and close support network around you is vital in business - vital for your well-being, confidence and fears (trust us, they can help!).

We want to promote collaboration and social entrepreneurship. We want to make the world a safer place, a more engaged and empowered place - a better place.



Our Collective Life was founded by two friends: Jette Virdi and Anique Coffee. Coming from different points on the career roadmap (and globe!) , Jette and Anique share common ideas on how business can be carried out - this being that collaboration, innovation and creativity can lead to something really special in business and in life.