My boss rocks

Ok, so you have an awesome boss/company who is willing to pay your way for this conference! Or, your company has a personal (or professional) development fund to send employees to conferences, camps, and/or retreats for continuing education. Here are some reasons why your company could (and should) pay your way to The Collective event.

Give these to your boss to help convince them to support your attendance at The Collective, (it will probably also help to tell them they rock!);



I will be encouraged to improve and grow both professionally and personally! 

The people you meet at The Collective will have a plethora of stories to share that can enlighten you. Surrounding yourself with passionate people will encourage you to keep learning and growing in all aspects of your life. They can become a source of inspiration and a motivation to chase your dreams and they have and continue to do. As the world-renowned motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with”.



I will learn something new!

At the core of The Collective are the learning outcomes you will be given to take home. Through our creative workshops, speakers and panel discussions you will acquire knowledge that you do not currently have, knowledge that will directly benefit you and your business.The experiences shared at The Collective will inspire you to take action and your future, whether that is in your business or personal life.



I will be able to expand our contact network through the people I meet at The Collective!

At the Collective you will be immersed in a diverse group of people, coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds. The Collective is the perfect place to mingle with like-minded creatives or to rub shoulders with entrepreneurs who are building their passion just like you. Exposing you and your business to this group of influencers, innovators and creatives will build relationships, open up different channels to market and ultimately generate revenue.



I will be challenged, inspired and motivated!

This is the big one - The Collective WILL take you out of your comfort zone! At The Collective you will be challenged by the Speakers, the activities and fellow attendees. You will be encouraged to think outside of the box and be open to ideas and points-of-view that differ from your own. In business and in life, we must be flexible, resilient and open to change. You will leave The Collective after 4 days armed with the skills and confidence to take on the world and make your dreams a reality.