Four Tech-Free Days.
Innovators, Creatives and Entrepreneurs.
One Community.


The Collective is a place where you can connect with experts in their field, those who have have traveled the exciting (and tricky) entrepreneurial path, and want to share their experiences in an effort to help others:

  • Grow their businesses successfully.
  • Launch a new product or idea.
  • Learn new skills or best practices.
  • Recharge. Reconnect. RELAX.

Through a series of workshops, talks, seminars and a panel discussion, The Collective will give you access to a vast network of like-minded business people who are not only experts in their fields, but also believe in collaboration and helping you to succeed.  

During the four days, you will gain insight and inspiration from experienced creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs that know what it is like to struggle and succeed, who have encountered obstacles and overcome them. It is through these shared experiences at The Collective that you will find your inspiration, the determination to succeed and the community to support you.

The Collective community we are building is limitless, reaching beyond the event for its members to thrive in the real world.

Click here to see a schedule of your day at The Collective. For more questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions.