The Collective Europe

Our Collective Life is a community of makers, innovators and disruptors. We believe that we are better working together than separately. We ar eall about collaboration and community always ruling over competition!

We want to promote collaboration and social entrepreneurship. We want to make the world a safer place, a more engaged and empowered place - a better pace.

The aim of Our Collective Life is to always be there for you, to be alongside you on your journey through your profeesional life. Whether you are developing a hobby, passion or business, we believe that having a strong supprot network around you is vital in business - vital for your well-being, confidence and fears (trust us, they can help!)

What Is The Collective?


Held annually, The Collective is a four day event like no other in Europe. We bring together creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators to engage and empower in an environment of collaboration, where community rules over competition. Through The Collective, the community we build is limitless, reaching beyond the event for its members to thrive in the real world.

Brought to you by Our Collective Life, The Collective is about engaging and empowering. We will give you;

  • OCL  the tools to develop your skill or grow your business.
  • OCL: the platform upon which to connect withe like-minded professionals, to collaborate and to build friendships.
  • OCL: the confidence and inspiration to go out and chase your dreams, turning them into a marvellous reality, whatever that may look like!