frequently asked questions

We are thrilled you're thinking of joining us at The Collective! So, you're ready to purchase our EARLY BIRD ticket, but you've got a couple of questions that are burning a hole in your head. Here's some questions we've been asked and more information:


What's included in the price of my ticket?

Early Bird Ticket: €1000 < Get yours now before they run out!
Full Price Ticket: €1200

Your ticket includes:

  • Three nights/four days stay, including your own single bed in an all female/all male room (valued at over €200+)
  • Three meals per day, including snacks and drinks throughout the day (valued at over €150+)
  • Your choice of 10+ interactive, collaborative, and hands-on seminars and workshops from over 16 international speakers, sharing the latest trends, best practices, insight and skills to help you reconnect and feel inspired, grow your business, launch a new idea, or just be better in your current role (valued at over €1.000+)
  • Optional daily yoga class, trail run, and other athletic opportunities (valued at over €50+)
  • Nightly activities including a star gazing night hike, dance party, a panel discussion with some of our speakers, and lots of networking opportunities (valued at over €75+)
  • An overflow goodie/swag bag of products and vouchers from our growing list of Sponsors (valued at over €150+)
  • LOADS and HEAPS of good vibes, abundant  beauty and inspiration, connection to yourself, each other and nature (Priceless!)
  • A brand new community of like-minded creatives, makers, professionals, innovators, business owners, and more. The Collective Community lasts far beyond these four days together. Each attendee will be assigned a mentor after the event so the connection and coaching can continue on for ages!  (Priceless!)


What's NOT included in the price of my ticket?

  • Travel to and from the venue: You are responsible for your own flights/trains/automobile transport to the venue.  If you are planning to drive to the event, please let us know so we can arrange parking for you. 


What does a typical day at The Collective look like?

Your days and nights will be filled with opportunity - the opportunity to learn, to move, to network, to find your spark. You can view the conference schedule here, but one of the best things about The Collective is that attendees get to CHOOSE the seminars and hands-on workshops they want to attend. There is not a strict track to follow - the choice is all yours, each day.

The full conference schedule will be released to those who register, but here's a glimpse into some of the sessions we will be providing:

  • The Secrets (and Tools) to Making the Connection to Your Customers via Social Media
  • How to Build a Kickass Team at Work Through Creativity, Collaboration and wait for it....Emotional Vulnerability (eek!)
  • To People Who Want to Wake Up Happy and Sleep Sounder - But Don't Know Where to Start: Radical Self Love
  • Skyrocket or Plummet? How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Through Compelling Content and Simple Tricks
  • Little Mistakes That Cost Me Thousands: Ensuring Your Target Market is ON POINT!
  • ....and MANY more to come!

During your evenings, you will have the opportunity to enjoy both networking functions and fun activities (like a star gazing night hike!), including panel discussions - your chance to meet the speakers you may not have taken a workshop with. 

While the days and nights will be full of activity and networking, we have also worked in free time so that you can spend time recharging, relaxing, taking photos, writing, exercising - anything you'd like!


Where is the event taking place?

This year, we have an INCREDIBLE venue selected! Just above Barcelona, in the lush forested hills of Natural Park of Collserola, is a magical place called INOUT Hostel. This is not a typical hostel, but an eco-resort - a GORGEOUS property, surrounded by trees and nature. It's overflowing with lovely spaces, both indoor and outdoor. It has a huge outdoor pool just waiting for you to dive in during free time, an amazing dining room with coffeeshop/cafe, lush hiking trails for strolls, inviting spaces for interactive and collaborative sessions, plus all the extras we are going to add to the venue to ensure you have a truly one-of-a-kind and life-changing experience. 

Better still, INOUT Hostel runs as a non-profit, whose mission is the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace, who make up the majority of their staff.


How do I get to The Collective from the airport?

The Collective will be held super close to the Barcelona airport - just a simple, 20 minute train ride from the airport. We'll be waiting for you at the Baixador de Vallvidrera train station with a big welcome. Once you register, we will provide more specific arrival information, including timing for Day 1. Better still, if you're in town the night before, we'll put you in touch with fellow Collective members so you can hang out!



What are the sleeping arrangements?

Good question! We will be sleeping in dorms of 4-8 same sexed people. We know not everyone enjoys sharing a room, but this is important to build connections with your roommates, and establish a strong foundation with those in your new community.

Each person will have their own bed, and most dorms have their very own bathroom. Additionally, each bed comes with sheets, pillow, towels and a special gift from The Collective team, so you don't have to worry about bringing your own gear. Of course, you can if you want but, we got you covered.


What will I eat and drink during The Collective?

During the four days, we'll provide all food and drinks for each meal and throughout the day. We will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together as a group for added networking/hanging out time. Snacks and beverages will be available throughout the day as well. The meals will be holistic, delicious, organic wherever possible, and healthy! 

Got food intolerances? Just drop us an email when you buy a ticket and we'll make sure you're good to go. Our Co-Founder has serious food intolerances, so we understand the worry.


What clothes should I bring?

Weather: October offers warm and balmy days in Barcelona. Still, in the evening, things can get a little chilly, so bring a jumper or trousers for the evening! The historical average for weather in Barcelona at this time of year is 22/16°C.

Expect to move: The grounds of the INOUT Hostel are sprawling and provide lots of gorgeous outdoor areas to walk, hang, network and MOVE, so you want to dress comfortably. Each morning, for those interested, we will offer yoga taught by our very own instructor. You will also have the option of trail running/walking, a morning game of basketball or ping pong, and other activities to get your blood flowing. Given that we are in nature and outdoors for some of the event, close-toed shoes are recommended. 

ADULT SWIM: This eco-resort has a pool! YAHOO! Bring your suit if you'd like to swim during your free time!


Is there anything I need to bring?

Recommended Items to Bring:

  • Watch: Since the event is tech-free, you won't have your phone to check the time, so please wear a watch!
  • Business Cards: This is going to be the BEST networking event you've ever been to - we promise. Be sure to bring business cards or promotional postcards to share info with your fellow community members to stay in touch!
  • Polaroid or digital camera: We'll have our own production team taking images and video, however we can't wait to see your pics too!
  • Head lamp: This will be useful for our star gazing night hike (if it has a red light) and traveling to/from your dorms after dark.


So, about this giving up our phones thing?

That's right lovely people. It's time to get back to being 100% present. We know the first day you might feel naked without your metal rectangle in your pocket, however both co-founders of The Collective have been through a four-day tech detox at a conference before, and we found it SO beneficial. This is a really big part of The Collective's ethos, so there are no exceptions. We keep your phones safe throughout the four days, and you'll get them back at the end. We'll take the bet that you might not even want it back at the end!


I have serious concerns, I mean, can't I check my phone once a day? What if I get an email from a client?

We know that you are 100% dedicated to your clients, however they will survive without you for four days. Plus, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH that they will wait with you. Feel free to use the following out of office reply: 'Hi! Thanks so much for getting in touch with us here at *insert company name*. Please bear with me and be patient. I'm currently out of the office learning amazing new business skills so that I can come back, both refreshed and better for you - my client. I'll be back in the office *insert date* and will be in touch soon after. Thank you for your patience, *insert your name*'


What if there's an emergency at home?

Once you buy your ticket, we'll be sending out a whole information pack with emergency numbers, procedures and more. Our co-founders will have a phone at all times, so if something happens in the outside world, we are 100% contactable and we will be able to help you get where you need to go, or do what you need to do in those circumstances. We should say that an emergency isn't that your partner misses you!


Refund Policy: 

Before purchasing, please confirm you are able to attend. Tickets are non-refundable. No refunds will be given. If you are unable to attend, and would like to give your ticket to someone else to attend, please contact us at


Did your question go unanswered?  Please shoot us a note at so we can help!