BLOG TAKEOVER: 2017 Speakers Earl of East London

YO! HEY! WHAT'S UP?HELLO! The Collective Europe, back at it again with another *BLOG TAKEOVER* from 2017 Speakers and Workshop Leaders, Earl of East London. This duo has BIG aspirations but started from humbled beginnings. Read on to hear a bit more about their story. register today to take their workshop and get the full dish from founders Niko and Paul at The Collective Europe in Barcelona! See you there!

Hey there, we are the Founders Earl of East London, Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin. We launched Earl of East London in 2014 as a creative outlet us. What started out as a one off stall in an East London craft market has developed in to a lifestyle brand with many facets, all underpinned by four brand pillars - Curate, Create, Collaborate and Community. Our home fragrance line now has over 100 stockists worldwide and we have collaborated with brands such as Whistles, Lululemon and The Hoxton Hotel Group. This year we have begun expanding our line to include other products including chocolate paired with scents from our line. 

We began teaching the art of candle making on a more regular basis, and during the course of the year, we have hosted classes in Hamburg, Lisbon, Berlin & Amsterdam, as well as our weekly sessions and private events held in our studio. We've love sharing our craft with others as it allows us to spend time with people who are on their own creative path. 

We believe Earl of East London is an ever-changing project rather than one product. Running this business has allowed us to create and explore in a way we didn't know was possible, we've met incredible people, and been able to bring fresh talent in to our team. It has enabled us to kick off new projects including Bonds, a new retail concept that has become the home of the Earl of East studio and a place for emerging brands to hold events, workshops and talks. 

We are so excited to be part of The Collective! The vision for this event sits perfectly with our ethos, and we want to share our journey with others so that we can inspire them. We are excited about meeting like-minded individuals from around the world with whom we can build life long connections. We live in sharing culture and events like The Collective enable or cultivate collaborative projects and spark fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. Who knows where this event will take us, but thats the fun of it! We are also happy to be sharing this experience with the rest of our team as we know it will be an incredible experience for them.

Community is one of our core pillars. For us, sharing knowledge and ideas is so important. It provides new perspectives and when you work together you can make incredible things happen. If there is one thing we've learnt it's that by building a tribe, you can benefit from increased exposure and presence for your own project. People want to follow your journey and be part of shaping it. Competition is important - it keeps you on your toes - but there is no reason why your competition can't also be part of your community. Some of our closest friends are people who understand our challenges because they are facing them with their own brand. 

We're inspired by travel more than a particular person. However, it's hard not to look at people who have created a new category, product industry and be inspired by their determination and tenacity. Honestly though, anyone who invests in themselves and their own ideas deserves a medal and we can't wait to meet lots of those people at The Collective. 

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