BLOG TAKEOVER: 2017 Speaker Elizabeth Dehn

Back at it again with another BLOG TAKEOVER from 2017 Speaker Elizabeth Dehn. A few years ago, The Collective Europe Founder Anique Coffee had some time before a flight out of SFO. She stopped into Perry's for a pre-flight quick bite. Standing in line with her were five other strangers, all hoping to do the same. There were no tables available, except for one large community table in the back. Anique turned to the folks in line, all strangers <for the moment>, and said, "Why don't we all sit together?" All agreed and found themselves hosting an impromptu networking mixer right there at the airport.

There was one shining, beautiful face at the table with such charisma and amazing energy that Anique couldn’t help but try to connect herself to her shooting star! Now after all these years - Elizabeth has agreed to share her story and be a speaker at The Collective Europe. She’s an AMAZING business person, innovator, entrepreneur and now podcast host. She's a force to be reckoned with and I can't wait for you all to meet her! Here's Elizabeth....

Hello new friends! I’m so honored to be part of the inaugural Collective and can’t wait to meet all of you. It’s safe to say I’ll be learning right along with you. And that’s what drew me to The Collective—the time and space to connect and collaborate without distraction. 

Easier said than done in the digital world we live in, particularly if you’ve spent any time—or, um, an entire Saturday—on Pinterest. It’s not only a veritable treasure trove of baby shower inspiration and Whole30-approved recipes, but the most competitive game that most people aren’t really sure how to play. And that’s okay! I’m going to hold your hand the entire time—manicured or not. 

My love/hate relationship with Pinterest runs deep. It’s the platform that launched my career as a beauty and wellness blogger into another stratosphere. Practically overnight, I went from 10,000 to 5 million followers. There’s power in that but not without a plan and purpose (hint, hint). 

Pinterest is also the place where self-confidence goes to die. All of those expertly styled coffee tables and perfectly tousled beach waves can literally go to your head if you don’t keep them in perspective. I learned that the hard way, something else we’ll talk about in October! 

What I know for sure is that striking an authentic yet strategic approach to pinning is paramount if you’re going to keep your wits about you. In addition to pinning for, I’ve worked with dozens of brands, from one-woman startups to Fortune 50 companies, to grow consumer reach and engagement using Pinterest. 

There is no silver bullet but there are best practices to get you started and secret weapons to help you build awareness and monetize your business. Recently, I’ve been putting them to the test with my own evolving brand and new podcast, HEALERS. The lessons are both humbling and empowering, which pretty much sums up social media. 

Pinterest has given me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m honored to pay it forward with a group of creative, likeminded souls. The world needs your gifts and together we are going to give them a platform. See you in Barcelona!

Anique Coffee