Blog Takeover: 2017 Speaker Jessica Leijgraaff

Back at it again with another Blog Takeover with 2017 Speaker Jessica Leijgraaff. She is driven by her profound wish to empower and inspire others, along with her passion for personal growth. Meet Jessica at the inaugural event this October in Barcelona and you'll be sure to immediately noticed her sparkling personality, and her authentic, enthusiastic, and out of the box professional style. She is one of the Dutch National Champions in Public Speaking through Toastmasters International and will be sharing this skill at The Collective Europe. Attendees will learn how to publicly speak about their brand/product with electric charisma and money-making skill. Read on to learn more about why Jessica is involved with The Collective Europe.


Express to Impress

It was a sweet journey down memory lane, driving through my old neighborhood in Amsterdam yesterday. Over the past 25 years the area had become even more diverse and was livelier as ever! With a lingering hint of melancholy I said to my 22 year old son David: “Sometimes I wish I could be 20 again. It seems now a days there are so many more cool things to do, and delicious cuisines to discover”. Both my son and his girlfriend looked up from their phones, as they disagreed with me unanimously. “We think the exact opposite” David said. “In your days there was more connection and interaction in real time. Now people our age are constantly distracted by their phones…”. 

His words agree with my personal experience when working with Millennials. However, being coach in the corporate world I hear similar complaints. Employees on social media during work hours, colleagues taking calls or occupied with their phone during meetings…it’s the new normal

Although many of us disapprove with these new rules, it’s tempting to play along and wonder off in the infinite world of wonders in our phone. In a world of abundance, there seems to be severe scarcity of devoted attention. Although our body may be present, our attention is volatile.

According to the dictionary Presence is a state of being present - and directly related to the charisma or poise of someone. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful and influential people in the world, and highly charismatic. People who have had the privilege to meet her, say that when they spoke with her she made them feel like there was only them, and nothing but them. Winfrey connects in real time, devoting her full attention to where she is and whom she’s with.  

Charisma is a personal magnetism, often attributed to leaders and celebrities, that enables them to attract or influence people. Perhaps you believe, like the Greek in ancient times, it’s a gift one’s born with: you either have it or you don’t. Yet, over 80 years of research on this rare and unique phenomenon has lead to valuable insights, great understanding and practical skills. Imagine just for a moment what these skills can do for you - your business and your life. Because like Maya Angelou once said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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