BLOG TAKEOVER: 2017 Speaker Dina Giordano

Oh, happy day! Here's ANOTHER *BLOG TAKEOVER* with 2017 Speaker Dina Giordano. Today, she's shares why Creation and Collaboration are synonymous with one another.


The Exchange

Dina Giordano, Visions Realized

Creation and Collaboration are synonymous with one another. To create is a form of collaboration with what has come before. And the act of collaboration inevitably produces something new by breaking ground and driving experimentation. These concepts are assets, tools, and professional muscles that are essential to our personal and global advancement. 

As creators we develop a formula or a process to create that we think is self generated. Though we are either actively or passively engaging in collaboration. Whether from the past or from our current environment or by partaking in a strategic collaborative endeavor. We are tapping into conversations, a learned text, a visual memory to render the outcome from one form to the next.

I have found that the essential experience of creation parallels or commonly connects whether it be on a chef’s plate, on a comedic’s stage, an industrial designers object or in a painting. From the theoretical concept, to the refinement of an idea then to the actualization this process is enlivening. It takes risk and embracing a personal truth to tap into the freedom of exploring or entertaining an idea.

After the idea is set or the design is made. Then the question becomes how to heighten the experience for the user or the viewer - asking what if? What are possibilities that don't exist yet and how can we test them or create something relatively new? This is where the value of active collaboration seeks to find the answers. 

Ideas as a mental construct are fleeting, but the moment we share them they start to become real. In the process of collaboration, there is Deleuze-ian moment of “becoming” the moment when there is a tangible convergence - that perpetuates growth and the “it” becomes.

When entering into a complimentary creative collaboration, its a child-like process. The foundation for harnessing a unique value based contribution is to start from zero. Embracing a mental and emotional clearing; of opinions, preconceptions and predictions for the out come. Letting go of comfort to create something new. To start the creative practice boundless. It becomes a birth place for experimentation and innovation.The ideas of relativeness and value exchange emerges when a collaboration is fostered. This raises the level of what is being created. Nurturing the differences that each party brings to the collective is an asset, it is an energy generator and create insight. Studies show that when engaging in subjects outside of our own given fields we discover advanced solutions, accessing the inventive genius. It is here that the feedback loop provided by the exchange of values in collaboration encourage the movement back and forth across creative/artistic frontiers. In return, throw off all creative constraints. 

As our economic landscape and market place shifts. Creativity, is the number one characteristic sought after in new hires. Collaborations and professional “open sourcing” is a necessary catalyst for innovation. This intersection is where progress and advancement emerge. Now more than ever we look to creative thinking, iterative problem solving, scientific research, and technology improvements as the ambassadors of the future. "There's no way we could make progress without collaboration.”

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