Blog Takeover: 2017 Speaker Kendall Beveridge

Can't stop, won't stop! We LOVE our Speakers and we want you to get to know them too! 

So here's another Blog Takeover from 2017 Speaker Kendall Beveridge - Facebook's Product Marketing Communications Lead on the Global Business Marketing team. In 2014, Kendall joined Facebook to lead B2B marketing for the Gaming advertiser audience, partnering with sales teams around the world to improve advertiser success. Prior to joining Facebook, Kendall worked at Venables, Bell & Partners on brands like Audi, Intel, and ConocoPhillips. Read on to learn more about Kendall and register now to meet her in person in just SIX WEEKS! See you in Barcelona!


I have a confession — I'm competitive. There's no getting around that. As a lifelong athlete, I love winning, but not for the sake of striking down my opponents. I love competing for the thrill of taking on an ambitious challenge, the energy that comes from formulating a strategy or two, and the joy of solving a seemingly impossible problem. 

Now, this may seem antithetical to The Collective's mantra of "community over competition," but the truth is, winning with a team is way more fun than winning alone. Knowing you have a community of people who have your back, willing to lift you up along the way, that kind of winning is the best. And it's that kind of winning, as a team, that I love to inspire in others.

In college, most of my time was dedicated to playing field hockey. I learned more from being part of my team, than from most of my professors. We won two national championships while I attended the University of Maryland, which was beyond my wildest dreams when I first aspired to playing at a top program. Our commitment to one another and unwavering focus on a collective goal, taught me life lessons I have carried far into my career working in advertising and tech. 

I haven't been a full-time student or athlete for quite some time, but I still approach life with an attitude of working hard for my metaphorical teams. Whether I'm coaching kids on the weekend or helping colleagues learn something new, I care deeply about connecting with people and helping them grow. There's no better feeling than being part of a group, large or small, that comes together to achieve a common goal. This is why I am so excited to join The Collective in October. 

As a speaker, I plan to share some lessons about the joys and challenges working in teams to achieve big dreams. This has been at the core of my work in B2B marketing at Facebook and vital to my early career working in creative ad agencies. Even though I had worked in teams my whole life on the hockey pitch, I learned some lessons the hard way about what teamwork looks like in the workplace. Expect to hear about the scary (not-so-scary) vulnerability of relying on other people, learning to ask for help, and how a clear vision can make a world of difference. We'll have plenty of time to chat about what "winning" looks like for you and how to assemble the right teams. 

Beyond my work life, I've always been a dreamer with my head in a book or a paintbrush in my hand, so I'm very excited to spend time with a creative community who can teach me a few new skills, and share some amazing stories. A sucker for nature, I cannot wait to explore the hillsides of Barcelona with an inspirational group of people. I hope you'll join me! 

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