BLOG TAKEOVER: 2017 Speaker Liz

We are THRILLED to bring you another Blog Takeover from 2017 Speaker, Liz Schaffer, Editorial + Creative Director of Lodestars Anthology.

Liz is a powerhouse and a true #girlboss. She has an insatiable hunger for travel and unique experiences, making her a perfect founder an independent magazine-meets-journal for curious travellers, LODESTARS ANTHOLOGY. Want to see the world through her eyes, and the eyes of the interesting characters she meets along the road? Register now for The Collective and meet her in person in just eight weeks! In the meantime, check out her *BLOG TAKEOVER* below!

Who are you and what are you passionate about?

I’m the editorial and creative director of Lodestars Anthology - a London-based travel magazine that explores a single country per issue (we’ve just sent issue 8, New Zealand, to print and I can’t wait to share this latest creation with the world/catch up on sleep). My passion is travel, and writing about it, which makes Lodestars Anthology a very convenient project to have. I want to share the stories of fellow creatives, to find corners of the world that make you feel small and uncover businesses and destinations with heart and flair. 


Why you're excited about The Collective and why you wanted to be part of it?

I can’t wait to connect with like-minded creatives - those working away on their own ventures or considering jumping into one. The idea of talking about our passion and helping each other really appeals - who knows there it may lead. Also, have you seen Barcelona - who wouldn't want four days there? It’s all about the sun. 


How you feel about "community over competition”?

One of the things that amazed me when setting up Lodestars Anthology was the amount of support we received from those in the industry. This wasn’t something I’d expected at all - I’d been fed all through university the line that ‘print was dead’ so expected all independent titles to be fighting for limited spots in the market. I’m so glad I was so wrong. If we hadn’t had that early support I doubt the magazine would be what it is today. It made every obstacle seem a little easier to climb and was a glorious reminder that we’re all in this together. So yes, community and collaboration over competition. Always. The world is more fun that way. 


Who are the top people that have inspired you and why?

While every time I read Vanity Fair or the word’s of author’s who put their heart and soul into what they write (current literary obsessions being Matt Haig and Hannah Kent), real inspiration comes from those a little closer to home. 

I feel very fortunate to constantly be inspired by the work of my contributors. The writers, photographers and illustrators we have been lucky enough to work with produce pieces that make me appreciate their talent and the way they capture the world. It’s lovely how elevated you can feel after catching up over coffee - meeting those who share this need to create is a great reminder that no-one is on this journey alone. 

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