BLOG TAKEOVER: 2017 Speaker Sarah Doyle

Hello lovely people! Co-Founders of The Collective here, hope you're all having a great week, the sun is shining and you're buzzing with ideas. We're thrilled to bring you another 2017 Speaker Blog Takeover with Sarah Doyle. Read on to hear about her biz and why she can't wait to be at The Collective.


My name is Sarah and I am the Co-Founder of The Better Life Project, a movement dedicated to helping people live happy, healthy, positive, and confident lives. I am super passionate about helping anyone feeling stuck in a professional rut, lacking confidence, or struggling with low self-esteem in business and in life. 

My work as a life coach and mentor is centered around the belief that each and everyone of us was born with an incredible gift. However, for some of us this gift - our personal power, our greatness - becomes hidden behind layers of self doubt, insecurity and fear. I want to help you breakthrough these limiting beliefs so you can create the quality of life you desire and deserve.  

I have worked with 1000's of women and men to advise them on how they can achieve their personal and professional goals! Working with a life coach like myself means you start to take ACTION towards your goals, vision and dreams. 

We live in such an interconnected world, and I love it and hate it all at once. Knowledge, inspiration and support is only ever one click away! Nevertheless, I fear that the ease at which we can access information may eventually erode our capacity to rely on and be guided by our intuition, our personal power and our own desires and wants. This is one of the reasons why I am so excited to leave my phone and computer behind and re-connect with myself and whilst doing so, help you too. 

When I first learned about The Collective, I immediately felt aligned to its values of community over competition. As a small business owner myself, I know how easy it is to compare yourself to everyone else and wonder what's the point - sometimes it can feel like there is no space for our work and ideas. But remember, there might be a 100 people doing a job like yours but there will only ever be one YOU!  

During my seminar, I will help you develop your self confidence and self esteem building strategies practices underpinned with positive psychology. Time after time, I have seen people whose low self esteem and confidence gets in the way of them creating a crystal clear vision for their business and life. I believe your self esteem, confidence and vision is the bedrock from which you will launch and grow your successful business (and life!) but all too often your self esteem and your entrepreneurial mindset are underdeveloped and even ignored. Not anymore! 

Through out my journey so far I am surrounded by supportive, empowering and inspirational people who help me see that the best thing we can do is be ourselves. (Sometime that can feel really scary!) Whether my mom, my best friend or my favorite author and speaker (Marie Forleo incase you are wondering) I value, cherish and feel so grateful to have them all.

Sarah Doyle, speaker for The Collective Europe, 2017
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