BLOG TAKEOVER: 2017 Speaker Liz Costigan, on Wellness and Connection

HEY, fam! The Collective Co-Founders here! We had the great pleasure of talking with 2017 Speaker, Liz Costigan, about the upcoming event, and we had to share it with you! She's taking over the blog for the day and sharing why she's thrilled to be a part of The Collective Community, and even more excited to be one of the Speakers at the event!


*BLOG TAKEOVER: 2017 Speaker Liz Costigan, on Wellness and Connection*


Hi, I am Liz, the proud founder of Positive Fitness Project.  I am a yoga teacher, spin instructor, runner and personal trainer. I run wellness retreats and workshops.  I am a wellness couch and speak regularly at corporate events and contribute to image magazine and My job rocks, it’s the best job in the world for me and I just love what I do!

The Collective is about community and working together – I love this idea. I truly believe that amazing things can happen when groups of like-minded people get together. I have seen this on my retreats and wellness workshops – people want and need connection. They want to feel a part of something and be able to be open and vulnerable in a safe place. The Collective represents all of this for me and that is why I am over the moon to be involved!

I just can’t wait to chat and meet with all of the the wonderfully talented and inspiring people from all over the world who will be attending. Yoga and meditation has helped me so much in my life in so many ways and I hope that I can bring some calm, perspective, self-love and compassion to the lives of the people I teach. It will be so beautiful to move and flow in the autumn Spanish sun!

I believe that when like-minded people we come together with an open heart and mind, we can create amazing connections. The Collective's ethos of Community Over Competition is just that... a collective energy creates abundance, creativity, inspiration. 

I am really excited to experience the first ever event with you guys! See you in October!

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