4 Ways to Detach From Work and Finally Enjoy Your Downtime


4 Ways to Detach From Work and Finally Enjoy Your Downtime

Nowadays, since mobile communication devices are basically attached to our fingertips, working remotely (or from home) is now more normal (and sought after) than ever. There's an expectation of 24-hour accessibility from employers and social communities, so it’s way harder to transition from a work mindset to a home/relaxation/fill-in-the-blank state of mind most days. But, according to Susie Moore at Greatist, it’s not impossible. Tough for some, but definitely NOT impossible.

Here are Susie's recommendations on how to switch from work mode a bit more easily when you want to, with a bit of added color from us here at The Collective:


1. Establish a transition system.

Rather than take public transportation home every day, which can be anxiety provoking itself, relieve your stress from the work day by walking home. Take the scenic route. Walk the longer route this time. Or, set a schedule with friends to have tea (or wine) on Monday evenings just to get the week off to a good start ;) and before heading home. 

2. Switch it off.

This goes without saying in our tech-obsessed society, but its incredible how many people don't enjoy a self-induced #techdetox every once in a while as a way to detach from work. We're not saying to ignore your clients (or your boss), but when your work day is done, try taking at least 45 minutes AWAY from email, in order to allow some space for your brain and mindfulness. Read a book. A REAL book, with pages, not buttons. Try listening to some music instead (*Pro Tip: put your phone on airplane mode for those 45 minutes to ensure there are no interruptions in your tunes!). Here's a few Spotify links to The Collective Co-Founder Anique Coffee's favorite playlists:

3. Relish a ritual.

What helps you decompress? Do you like to cook? Make a weekly plan to cook dinner a certain number of times per week. Try listening to relaxing music while you cook. Make a work out plan a ritual and try going straight after work to help you disconnect. Do you like to watch tv? Yes - this counts as a ritual and decompression method, but one Pro Tip from Susie is to have a show ready to watch, instead of clicking around to find something, which can be annoying and stressful.  To really amplify Number 3, plug in your laptop and phone in the other room on silent. Take this little bit of time each day for YOU to disconnect. Your instagram feed can wait. 

4. Shake it off.

No, Taylor Swift wannabes. Not like that. Shake off THE PROFESSIONAL GUILT. We could (and will) write an entire blog about the ever-present Professional Guilt most of us feel, but in order to disconnect from work, shake it off. According to Susie, "Most of the anxiety and stress we feel about being constantly connected to our jobs is self-imposed. Unless there is an emergency, an important deadline, or a timely project to complete, most days we can probably enter our evenings, personal time and space 100 percent guilt free. But this must be a conscious choice. It can feel like a rebellious move. It’s not. It’s a healthy one."


Article originally from Susie Moore at Greatist

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