Jette Virdi and Anique Coffee, co-founders of The Collective Europe launch ticket sales


And holy moly, we are so excited to share it with you!

FIRST, we are thrilled to reveal the VENUE for The Collective 2017: BARCELONA.

Yep, that's right, warm weather, sunshine, tapas and all the good Spanish things are awaiting you in October.

We will be hosting the conference in the forest-covered mountains above Barcelona, just 20 minutes from the Barcelona Airport via train in Natural Park of Collserola in Barcelona. The venue name is called INOUT Hostel. This is not a typical hostel, but eco-resort - a GORGEOUS property nestled in the the lush, green hills, surrounded by trees and nature. It's overflowing with lovely spaces, both indoor and outdoor. It has a huge outdoor pool just waiting for you to dive in during free time, an amazing dining room with coffeeshop/cafe, lush hiking trails for strolls, inviting spaces for interactive and collaborative sessions, plus all the extras we are going to add to the venue to ensure you have a truly one-of-a-kind and life-changing experience. 

Better still, INOUT Hostel runs as a non-profit, whose mission is the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace, who make up the majority of their staff.



SECONDEARLY BIRD TICKETS are officially available for The Collective 2017! 

THANK YOU for all your emails expressing interest in this brand new type of conference, the first of its kind in Europe, for creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, makers, movers, shakers! We are so happy to finally offer tickets to meet the overwhelming demand from all of you!

Starting today, Early Bird Tickets are on sale for €1000. This rate won't last forever, so don't delay. Ticket prices will go up to €1200 when early bird pricing ends. 



If you haven't looked at our Speaker Page recently, we have our first 11 tip top business pros ready and waiting to share their knowledge, be your cheerleader and support you any way you need up there. Just to name a few:::

  • Meg, who choreographed Madonna's (yeah, Madonna, that Madonna) Rebel Tour
  • Jessica, a Toastmaster from Amsterdam teaching us how to confidently and strategically speak about our brand/products with charisma
  • Elizabeth Dehn, of the HEALERS podcast and Beauty Bets, one of the top 20 Pinners in the world (5.3+ million followers) teaching you how to grow your business via Pinterest with strategy and gorgeous curation
  • ....and more! Our speakers are ready and busy getting their workshops ready for you!


You probably already know that community and sharing knowledge is the way to go (and grow), but we truly, 100% believe in the beauty and necessity to share, to be each others cheerleaders and that's why we've built The Collective. A safe space where we'll chat, learn, grow and have so much friggin' inspiration floating around, you'll be completely buzzed and rearing to go! We know you have massive business goals, and we will help you achieve them.

We cannot wait to meet you, hear your story, and help you find your way during this thrilling, scary and amazing (and sometimes emotional) journey of being an entrepreneur.

Jette and Anique

Anique Coffee