5 Creatives we're crushing on right now

Ok, it's swoon time: maybe you are aware of some of these crazy talents, maybe you're not. We strongly suggest you stalk them right away (in a nice way ok!?!) because they have some beautiful and talented work.

Our first creative crush is a lady called Justina Blakeney. She is a one shop wonder, with a book, wallpaper collabs, furniture collabs and more - she is amazing. Jette was lucky enough to meet here in 2015 in LA and can vouch for how awesome she is. 


Tess Guinery has been on a radar for a while. Not only because she seems to have the perfect life with her little girl and hubby by the beach, but also because she is seriously talented. WOW. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we sure do have a long distance crush.


These ladies have got a great studio going on over in Lisbon. We love their use of colour, graphics and client projects!

Timothy is an absolute cutie! Not only are we loving his smile, he also has us with his romantic murals...


We're are absolutely in love with 1924. A wanderer with an eye for design and detail, his stories on Instagram are just so wonderful.