who attends?



The Collective Europe offers a chance to interact with a diverse group of connectors, innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives from around the globe. We gather those who want to learn, share and ENJOY nature and each other. Everyone is welcome.

No matter where you fit in (or stick out!), The Collective will inspire you and help you grow to meet your greatest potential. We bring together a strong community that is diverse, coming from all over the world, boasting a vast range of skill sets, passions, and expertise - all ready for you to tap into. 

The Collective Europe deeply believes in enjoying a temporary tech detox now and then - a way to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect to nature, others and yourself. At some of our events, you will be asked to turn in your phones, tablets and devices to enjoy a tech detox during the event. While tech-free, you will be able to form new and exciting relationships and completely immerse yourself in your new community.