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How to Achieve More Freedom Through Time Management

Simone has a great passion for traveling, hospitality and coaching. She has lived in six countries during the past years and loves to meet new people. Simone currently works as a Sales Trainer in the biggest B2B player in the travel industry. With years of experience in the Sales department, she has implemented the principles of Talent Management in her team and with that has grown sales substantially. 

As Time Management appears to be one of the main factors that withholds people from developing their talents, Simone has developed an expertise in giving this workshop and developed a program that will show results right away. 

Workshop Title: How to Achieve More Freedom Through Time Management
Workshop Summary: This workshop will show you how to get more out of your time and therefore helps to increase your freedom. It makes you think about your higher goals in life and helps you to align your daily activities with those in order to make the most out of every day. 

What you'll do: During this interactive workshop you will participate to apply theory of time management directly to your own life.

What you'll learn: You will learn that with some small changes in your planning you can increase your freedom directly.

What you'll takeaway: Key tips and tricks that will help you to manage your time better straight away. If you feel like you're never getting rid of your to-do lists and stress about deadlines all the time, this workshop is for you!

Pick this session if you’re interested in: Time Management, Life Hacks, Entrepreneurship