kevin hainline

PhD in Astronomy
Why Am I Here: Finding My Place In The Universe + StargazingNight Hikes

When he was young, Kevin Hainline had to choose between dedicating his life to studying dinosaurs or black holes. He chose black holes (although dinosaurs are still very near to his heart) and eventually received his PhD in astronomy from UCLA in 2012. He has observed using the largest telescopes in the world, taught at an Ivy League College, ran a planetarium, lead late night hikes to see the stars, and stood on tables to try to convince people of their place in the universe. Kevin will be taking attendees on a journey at The Collective. A star gazing, night hike which will leave attendees feeling inspired, humbled, connected to each other and in overwhelming awe.He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona and is helping to plan the early science for the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope, which will peer back to observe the earliest, farthest galaxies humans have ever seen. He is very enthusiastic.

Workshop Title: Why Am I Here: Finding My Place In The Universe + Stargazing
Workshop Summary: Often, The Big Bang seems very, very far away, and often we can feel profoundly tiny in the face of the history of our universe. But we shouldn't! We are the stewards of fourteen billion years of tiny events, starting from the beginning and leading to now, that have shaped our existence. In this humorous and inspirational talk, I discuss the history of our understanding of the Big Bang, and how the creation and continual evolution of the universe connects us to the stars. Later, we’ll head outside underneath the stars to learn about the stories and constellations that connect us as a human species. 

What you'll do: We’ll walk our way through the late summer sky, exploring the same stars that humans have watched through our entire history. 

What you'll learn: We’ll learn basic stellar orienteering, how to find planets, how the shapes in the sky connect to each other, and how the stars link us together.

What you'll takeaway: A star map and a new way of thinking about yourself in the context of the universe.

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