Ariel Upton
Co-Creator / Content Strategist

Today I Did It Right // Remote Year
@todayididitright // @remoteyear

Conceive. Believe. Achieve.

This is Ariel Upton’s personal motto for work and life. She is an intentional activator and uses the C.B.A (Conceive, Believe, Achieve) worldview to create engaging, empathetic, and educational content that has an impact and inspires. 

She is the co-creator of the TODAY I DID IT RIGHT Approach and Self-Connection Journal and currently serves as the Manager of Content Marketing & Strategy at the location independent leader, Remote Year.

Workshop Title: Create the Life That’s Right For You, Today
Workshop Summary: Throw all the “shoulds” out the window. Today is the day you start creating the life that’s right for you (instead of the life that’s right for someone else). The program begins with an introduction to the TODAY I DID IT RIGHT approach focused on Self, Every Day, Choice, and Connection. In this interactive workshop, Ariel will show participants how to use the approach to plan, experience, and reflect on their daily life in an entirely new way.  

What you'll do: Participants will define what a right life means, looks, and feels like to them and learn how to use a self-connection journal. Together we will write, draw, play, and create - supplies will be provided!

What you'll learn: You will learn how to use the 16 unique rights that make up the approach to create the life that's right for you, today. We'll embrace our S.O.S (Sense of Self), flex our "Just Say Yes" and "Just Say No" muscles, write our own rules, and create our own individual meaning.

What you'll take away: Your own starter self-connection journal and a renewed understanding that you call the shots, you make the choices, you are in control, and you are the creator of your life. 

Pick this session if you’re interested in: Creative Thinking, Personal Development, Lifestyle Development, Inspiration