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“Sustainability is more than providing technological solutions for today’s problems. It’s also about a mind shift and about reconnecting man’s relationship to nature and each other. Human beings and nature are essentially one, and from that very realisation we shape our lives day by day”.


KantoorKaravaan is a venture that sprouted from the vision of The Tipping Point. We offer you a workplace in the middle of nature, an experience that combines your professional life with the exciting and inspirational sphere of wilderness. Designed as a mobile off-grid workplace, the KantoorKaravaan sets up camp at various locations in the countryside. Fully equipped with Wi-Fi, internet access, a coffee machine, and other work-related necessities, you can simply bring your laptop and complete your daily work without missing the cosiness and comfort of a relaxing holiday-trip. Kitchen, compost toilets, solar panels, singing birds, and stunning nature included. This summer you can find us (and you is you join!) roadtripping through Spain, traveling to several co-living facilities, while co-organizing natural leadership courses with other digital nomad.

As a social and sustainable entrepreneur living in Amsterdam, Tom has set up various eco-ventures for the last fifteen years, in The Netherlands and abroad. His longing for a reconnection between humans and nature brought him to the most pristine and beautiful parts of the world. This also made him come up with innovative ideas and projects to get people in touch with nature again, to enhance biodiversity, to regenerate and to find our place in this world. 

Having built a professional career in the fields of business, communications and development Tom has crystallised his mission to catalyse conscious, sustainable communities across the globe. He is passionate about wild unbridled nature and the connection of humanity in modern society. After earning his degree in Business Communications he went on to work in several organisations, including starting up a media company (serious gaming), before hitting the road independently.

Currently, he's focusing more energy on catalysing multiple audacious future oriented start-ups through The Tipping Point. The Tipping Point aims at accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society. On one hand, by integrating nature within the city and on the other, motivating people to connect more with nature, outside the city. His projects vary from concept development and setting up awareness campaigns to practically building new models for a just and sustainable society of the 21st century. Tom wishes to contribute to the development of communications regarding the connection with segmented groups in society. All for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. Examples: The Pollinators, SustainsVille, KantoorKaravaan, Changemaker Challenge, 7Billion Presidents.

Having sown many seeds of positive change and being confronted with major dilemmas of our time, Tom considers himself an innerpreneur. Work wise he believes in an holistic approach, combining personal fulfilment with entrepreneurship. In his quest to better understand life as a whole, he has a keen interest in transition, ecology versus economy, and effective communication for positive social change. 

In 2017 Tom was given the Wubbo Ockels Achievement Award, the highest prize in Sustainability in The Netherlands. He was also listed in the 'sustainable 100' for the past six years, by one of the leading daily newspapers in Holland.