2018 festival


The lines between work and life are blurred…and we like it that way.

WORK takes up a huge portion of our days spent here on Earth. Our professional life contributes greatly to our self worth, our net worth, and all that's in between. Nowadays, lines between work and life are blurred. An increasing number of people have greater freedom to be able to work from anywhere, and whenever they want. Such freedom provides great opportunities, but it also creates new challenges. At Freedom X Fest, we explore this new way of living - one where the line between work and life is fading.

During the festival, you will gain insight and inspiration from experienced creatives, startup founders, innovators and entrepreneurs who have encountered obstacles and overcome them, all with a healthy work/life balance on the top of their priority list. You'll learn about innovative skills and tools to bring you to the summit of your professional journey, wherever and however YOU want to live. 

Best of all, this is a FESTIVAL, so expect an amazing experience in the gorgeous Spanish mountainside, where the activities and possibilities are endless! 


Attend the conference if you'd like to:

  • Grow your businesses successfully
  • Launch a new product or idea
  • Get your creative juices flowing whist surrounded by other creative thinkers and doers
  • Learn new skills or best practices to improve your business/project
  • Connect with a new international community
  • Connect/bond with your current team in a unique environment
  • Embark on a new lifestlye of working remotely
  • Recharge. Reconnect. RELAX.