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JOIN US: Spain | 14 - 19 August, 2018



what we do

We forge communities and create experiences.

The Collective Europe creates extraordinary events, designed to inspire a heightened sense of connection, creative triumph, and communities that thrive.

We engage and empower creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators in an environment of collaboration, where knowledge is shared and inspiration is abundant. The Collective believes in community over competition, and aims to help you navigate your professional journey through a series of seminars, hands-on creative workshops, and panel discussions from experts in their field. 

For 2018, we are partnering with Freedom X Fest in an effort to bring our growing community a unique way to look at work, life and their intersection. 

The Collective will participate in this global fusion of a festival, a conference and a retreat - taking part in an event like no other. Freedom X Fest is designed to help bring this community more freedom than they've ever had before - both professionally and personally. Staying true to our ethos, The Collective Europe will have a retreat-style conference within the festival, providing our current and new members with the entrepreneurial and creative programming that they crave in a space that is tech-free, along with the workshops and skills they need to launch their company into outer space! JOIN US on this new adventure!

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    2018 festival


    The lines between work and life are blurred…and we like it that way.

    WORK takes up a huge portion of our days spent here on Earth. Our professional life contributes greatly to our self worth, our net worth, and all that's in between. Nowadays, lines between work and life are blurred. An increasing number of people have greater freedom to be able to work from anywhere, and whenever they want. Such freedom provides great opportunities, but it also creates new challenges. At Freedom X Fest, we explore this new way of living - one where the line between work and life is fading.

    During the festival, you will gain insight and inspiration from experienced creatives, startup founders, innovators and entrepreneurs who have encountered obstacles and overcome them, all with a healthy work/life balance on the top of their priority list. You'll learn about innovative skills and tools to bring you to the summit of your professional journey, wherever and however YOU want to live. 

    Best of all, this is a FESTIVAL, so expect an amazing experience in the gorgeous Spanish mountainside, where the activities and possibilities are endless! 


    Attend the conference if you'd like to:

    • Grow your businesses successfully
    • Launch a new product or idea
    • Learn new skills or best practices to improve your business/project
    • Connect with a new international community
    • Connect/bond with your current team in a unique environment
    • Embark on a new lifestlye of working remotely
    • Recharge. Reconnect. RELAX.


    The venue


    Join The collective europe in the village.

    Two hours from Barcelona, lies an abandoned village that has recently been reconstructed. With the Pyrenees mountains behind and a valley below, rural cottages amidst a pristine natural environment provide an ideal setting for this ground-breaking festival - an event at the intersection of WORK and LIFE.  This is Freedom X Fest! 

    Attendees can chose to stay for one week or one day. The choice is yours. Pick as many days as you please during the week-long festival, 14 - 19 of August. You have the choice of staying in a luxury cottage (in a single or shared room), a glamping tipi tent, or a traditional camping tent. You can even bring your own tent if you prefer to save some dough!


    Live Music. Yoga. An outdoor swimming pool with incredible views. Spectacular hiking trails. Rock climbing. Volleyball. Kayaking. Football.  Hundreds of people mixing and connecting. Freedom X Fest is about enjoying LIFE.



    who attends?



    The Collective offers a chance to interact with a diverse group of innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives from around the globe to learn, share and ENJOY THE SUMMER SUN in the Spanish mountains! Everyone is welcome; from creatives, small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to corporate teams, startup VPs and C-level executives.

    No matter where you fit in (or stick out!), The Collective will inspire you and help you grow to meet your greatest potential. This partnership between The Collective Europe and Freedom X Fest creates a strong community that is quite diverse, coming from all over the world, boasting a vast range of skill sets, passions, and expertise - all ready for you to tap into. 

    The Collective Europe deeply believes in enjoying a temporary Tech Detox now and then - a way to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect to nature, others and yourself. There will be an opportunity to enjoy a tech detox during this retreat, if you choose. While tech-free, you will be able to form new and exciting relationships and completely immerse yourself in your new community.



    2018 Speakers


    we rise by lifting others.

    The 2018 Workshop Leaders and Speakers will be announced shortly!



    2018 tickets

    Well done you! You've decided you want invest in yourself and your future! Now, join The Collective for an amazing and inspiring festival in Spain!  Purchase your ticket and accommodations now, before they run out!

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    Cabins and rooms are extremely limited so be sure to book early if you prefer to sleep indoors, rather than glamping or camping. 



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