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The Collective Europe creates extraordinary events, designed to inspire a heightened sense of connection, creative triumph, and communities that thrive.

We engage and empower creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators in an environment of collaboration, where knowledge is shared and inspiration is abundant. The Collective believes in community over competition, and aims to help you navigate your professional journey through a series of seminars, hands-on creative workshops, and panel discussions from experts in their field.

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We create inclusive experiences for humans who want to grow their business, expand their minds, find their voice and connect with the creative community.

For the past two years, we’ve hosted a retreat-style conference, where attendees gained insight and inspiration from experienced creatives, startup founders, innovators and entrepreneurs who have encountered obstacles and overcome them, all with a healthy work/life balance on the top of their priority list.  Attendees learnt about innovative skills and tools to bring them to the summit of their professional journey.

We created spaces for the immersive cross-pollination between brands, industry leaders, artistic visionaries, social impactors, the creative pioneers of the next generation. 



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The Collective Europe offers a chance to interact with a diverse group of innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives from around the globe to learn, share and ENJOY nature. Everyone is welcome; from creatives, small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to corporate teams, startup VPs and C-level executives.

No matter where you fit in (or stick out!), The Collective will inspire you and help you grow to meet your greatest potential. We bring together a strong community that is diverse, coming from all over the world, boasting a vast range of skill sets, passions, and expertise - all ready for you to tap into. 

The Collective Europe deeply believes in enjoying a temporary tech detox now and then - a way to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect to nature, others and yourself. Attendees at this retreat-style conference will turn in their phones, tablets and devices to enjoy a tech detox during this retreat. While tech-free, you will be able to form new and exciting relationships and completely immerse yourself in your new community.




Meet our International Community of Workshop Leaders and Creative Contributors!


niko and paul

How + When to Take Your Passion Project Full Time + Candle Making Workshop
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Kevin Hainline
NASA, James Webb telescope

Why Am I Here: Finding My Place In The Universe + StargazingNight Hikes
>> Workshop Summary

Kendall beveridge

Audacious Achievement: Vision-Writing and Ruthless Prioritization
>> Workshop Summary

Ariel Upton
Today I Did It Right // Remote Year

@todayididitright // @remoteyear
Create the Life That’s Right For You, Today
>> Workshop Summary

Simone Reichert

How to Achieve More Freedom Through Time Management
>> Workshop Summary


"Finding Your Ikigai"
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Simone Baird

@clever_boxer // @clever_boxer
The Realities of Freelancing and How to Deal
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ANITA Klasanova
food by anita

Just Add Chocolate Chips and Authenticity:
Creative Cookie Dough Workshop + How to Build an Authentic Brand That People Will Love (Forever!)
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tyler mongan
MINDLAB method future x

Hi-Tech & High Touch: How to use the power of Mindset and Heart-state to influence, Inspire, and Innovate for the Future



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